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 ~Raid Schedule and Rules~

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Klonoa Prower

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PostSubject: ~Raid Schedule and Rules~   Tue Apr 21, 2009 1:16 pm

Current Raiding Schedule:
OS 25/Maly 25 - Fridays
Naxx 25 - Saturdays
Ulduar 10 Progression - Any other free day
All Raids start at 5 Server Time. (8 PM EST)

Looting Rules:
All players start with one need win roll per lock down of an instance.
All players have unlimited gimme rolls and off sets rolls.
If a player wins two gimme or offset rolls, they may not use a need roll on a tier piece.
The order of rolls is as followed:
- Need rolls.
- Gimme rolls.
- Off sets.
- Auto assigned to a DEer.

Raid Etiquette:
1. Repair before every run, period. We don't like wasting time to people who have to repair after just one death. It detracts from the run, and annoys people, especially when we're trying to complete something fast. If this continues to be a problem, it may turn into a kickable offense.
2. Stock up on reagent/ammo/potions and other things you will need to go through the run. Exactly the same reason as why you should repair. We hate when a pally starts begging for symbols or a druid can't battle res because he forgot the materials. It's part of raiding, stock up.
3. Be ready for an invite before the run is about to begin. We're not saying you have to camp your character at the instance an hour ahead of time, but no one should be in instances or have to say wait a minute when we start doing invites. Everyone knows when the raids are, there's no reason to be locked into something else.

Raid Rules:
1. Pay Attention. We cannot stress this enough, that almost every single boss in this game is about paying attention and doing what you need to, when you need to. If a run leader says move, you better slam on your keyboard immediately and get to where you're supposed to be. The attention span of the players IS what makes or breaks a run. If you don't feel you can listen to the run leaders orders, don't come.
2. Do your part. Don't stop doing damage because it's "just trash" or you might die. At this point in raiding, we need everyone to do every part they need to, not only to down bosses, but down them quickly. While DPS doesn't matter after it passes a certain point, logic dictates that if people stop caring about the trash, the run turns extremely slow.
3. Do not fool around during loot. This means absolutely no joke rolling or talking in raid channel or vent during loot. Looting mistakes occur because of this and it often makes people mad. Roll when you need too, and get the loot out of the way. Admire it later, not while the MLer is trying to focus.
4. Do not hassle other raid members. It is the job of the run leaders, and ONLY the run leaders to deal with mistakes and problems within the run. We will not tolerate a run turning into a free for all against one player because of their mistakes. If adjustments need to be made, the leaders will make them and talk to the people they need to. We've done this before, we know what needs to happen.
5. Have some damn fun. We know the runs can be serious at times, sometimes to an extreme point. However, if people can stay focused, even with a little joking, then that's when the raid become truly enjoyable. I, myself, get the most enjoyment from this game from attempting and defeating new content, and I know a lot of other people do too. The more people focus, the more we get to see, and I think that would be the best for all.


Hehe, it's a lot cuter than the troll.

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PostSubject: Agreed   Tue Apr 21, 2009 3:20 pm

I Like This Post!

KP im gonna lock it and attempt to sticky it lol.

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~Raid Schedule and Rules~
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