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 Fury Warrior DPS

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PostSubject: Fury Warrior DPS   Sat Apr 25, 2009 5:35 pm

Well, I decided to make a thread about fury warrior DPS from all the warrior alts that constantly ask me questions, or just in case we get another fury warrior.

The first and most important thing about being a DPS warrior is to make sure you are hit capped. The cap for warriors right now in WOTLK is 8%. Getting precision is highly recommended if you are fury as it reduces the hit you need from gear to just 5%. Now it will not say in your stats that you have this extra 3%, but you actually do. There is also no magic number for how much hit you need once you get that 8% hit becomes your least desired stat although it is still important so don't just disregard it completely, just keep enough that you are not rage starved from missing too often, but whatever you do, NEVER socket your gear with hit gems unless you will not make the cap without them.

The second thing i would like to state is STR and crit rating. Stack these up to the point that you are hitting very hard, but have enough crit to keep up flurry to nearly 100% of the time. Speaking of flurry, it was shown that if you have two weapons with the same exact attack speed that you will get 4 hits with your flurry buff instead of 3, the reason being is that the game gets confused on which weapon to give you the last buff so it lets them both have it. I'm not saying only go for weapons that are the same attack speed, but if you do happen to come across an upgrade that has the same speed as one of your other weapons it's a plus.

Now on to expertise. Expertise reduces the chance for enemies to avoid/block/parry your attacks. Since you are DPS, you will most likely be behind the boss or on the side, in which case the percentages to cap block and parry on an enemy is irrelevant. The cap on expertise for dodge is at 5.75% on bosses which is 23 expertise SKILL.

For speccing as a fury warrior i would suggest speccing something like this... http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?warrior=3400300023300000000000000000000325012005500310053120501351000000000000000000000000000&glyph=000000000000&version=9806
In this spec you can see that I have the skills which are obviously important, but also chose talents like Booming Voice, Unbridled Wrath, and Improved Cleave for not only placeholder points but because having Booming Voice means you don't have to put up your battle shout as often and can save rage and cause more DPS from not having any battle shout downtime. Unbridled Wrath was chosen because the basis on which it chooses to give you an extra rage point is based on your weapon speed, and anything past 3sec will give you 1 rage with every hit, which in the end of a raid will add up to thousands of rage points you otherwise wouldn't of had. Now the reasoning behind Improved Cleave is that I use cleave a lot, even on single targets because it does do more threat per bonus damage, but it wont pass up Heroic Strike in threat due to it doing less damage comparatively and having Improved Cleave on pulls with multiple targets is just amazing, especially if you have the glyph for it to hit an extra target. Now in the arms tree you see that i have 4/5 Deflection and 3/3 Iron Will, i have these for not only the purpose of being placeholder points, but because Deflection is very useful if you do not want to change your spec to PvP or if you accidentally pull threat that 4% extra parry can save your life. Being dead means you are doing 0 DPS, which means that you are useless. The reason behind Iron Will is also the same with Deflection in the fact that i don't feel like changing specs for PvP since as of now i cannot recall a boss fight in WOTLK that uses stun or charming effects.

That is all i have to say right now, if you have any questions or need something explained about the information used feel free to comment below and I'll edit accordingly.

Your Fury Whore,

*edit* Just as an update with the new raiding gear, I suspect that after reaching 20-30% armor penetration it will be more beneficial to gem for armor penetration over strength since the gear in Ulduar has oodles of strength to cover the loss of the gems you are replacing, and possibly add a couple of expertise or crit gems seeing that is what Uldaur gear is missing most. The reason to stack armor penetration is that the more of it you have, the better it scales and since everything in Uldaur is either a robot or a stone giant you will notice a significant increase in DPS when you start stacking it, but i would reccomend being at about 4k unbuffed attack power before you start taking out strength gems.
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Fury Warrior DPS
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