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 Tanking Warrior - One Version

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PostSubject: Tanking Warrior - One Version   Tue Apr 28, 2009 8:27 pm

Figured I would post something up here for any of you up and coming new warrior tanks. This is my current tanking spec:

Now, let me explain a few of the ideas behind the speccing. First of all, there are many different ways to spec that all work well for survivability and threat. For example, Av's spec differs from mine a bit I believe, as does his tanking style, so its up to you to decide what style and spec suits you best. Heres some of my more important talents and the reasons why I use them:

Prot Tree

Improved Thunder Clap - this talent is very nice for aoe threat, and helps a lot for survivability on boss fights. I always try to keep up thunder clap and demoralizing shout on the boss, because the combination drastically reduces the damage I take.

Incite - very useful for threat generation, especially aoe. This, along with the previous talent, helps me at least attempt to keep up with those death knights and palladins on aoe threat, and the Heroic strike part comes in handy because my style includes having Heroic Strike keyed to my 3 key and spamming it whenever I have the excess rage to, which is most fights, because heroic strike has no global cooldown.

Last Stand - very important ability for boss fights, it one of the many OSHIT buttons

Shield Mastery, Gag Order, Critical Block, and Sword and Board - I lump these all together because they all go toward increasing the threat output afforded by my Shield Slam. These Talents all are nice for other reasons too. Shield Mastery increases how much I block for, Gag Order allows me to use Heroic Throw to pull caster trash from afar and have it come to me, and Critical Block is a really nice damage mitigator.

Improved Spell Reflection - I get this one for increased survivability. 4% doesnt sound like a lot, but its something, and warriors need everything they can get for spell damage fights. The other effect is more fun than anything else, because theres not a lot of boss fights that have reflectable spells.

One Handed Weapon Specialization - Thats a lot of threat right there, especially because with the new patch it not only counters the loss of damage from defensive stance, but gives you an extra 5% damage too.

Improved Defensive Stance - awesome talent, reduced spell damage and drastically increased threat.

Vigilance - Useful for fights that give the dps increased damage, but not the tank.

Focused Rage - A nice one for low rage fights, because it affects all your threat generating abilities. I figure it does enough that Puncture, the talent that reduces devastate and sunder armor cost by 3 rage, isnt necessary.

Vitality - This ones another all around good one, increased survivability and threat.

Warbringer - a good one for rage generation at the beginning of a fight, especially when Bloodrage is on cooldown, and gets you to where the action is much faster if someone pulls and you are far away.

Damage Shield - great for aoe threat.

Shockwave - The other uber ability for aoe threat that warriors now have, not to mention nice for boss fights too. I use this and Concussion Blow on boss fights, because they generate quite a bit of threat.

A few of the talents I dont get are Safeguard and Improved Disciplines. I dont use Intervene, like, ever, and I dont use shield wall often enough to justify putting points into there rather than somewhere else.

Fury Tree

Armored to the Teeth - great for increasing threat, especially because a lot of warrior threat abilities are now based on attack power.

I dont get anything else in this tree, most noticably the crit talent. I figure that the talents in the prot tree that increase the crit chance of individual abilities make up for this talent.

Arms Tree

Improved Heroic Strike - I use this to get the 5 points needed to get the 3rd tier of talents, and because Heroic Strike is an ability i use often.

Improved Charge - just more rage from the Warbringer talent, and gets me to the next tier of talents.

Impale - great for threat of any kind

I used to get Deep Wounds, but since patch 3.1, it just doesnt do enough damage with a fast 1 hander to make enough of a difference threat-wise.


Glyph of Devastate - gets those sunders up onto the target that much faster, which is convenient.

Glyph of Blocking - increases Shield Slam damage and survivability

Glyph of Cleaving - This one is a convenient one for aoe threat generation, when I have lots of rage on aoe pulls, and in between thunder claps and shockwaves, I spam Cleave

Theres a few glyphs out there that are probably just as good if not better than these for some warriors. I'll name a few of them and why I dont use them:

Glyph of Shield Wall - I dont get this one for the same reason I dont get the improved shield wall talent: I only use shield wall on boss fights and when every other option is exhausted, usually when the boss enrages. Because of this, reducing the cooldown and the effect doesnt help me at all.

Glyph of Last Stand - same deal as shield wall, I dont use it very often, and when I do need it, a 3 minute cooldown is more than small enough between uses.

And now for some stats.

The first stat you need to work on is stam. Some will say its defense, but in the early stages of tanking heroics and such, stam is more important. Once you're at about 22-23k health unbuffed, then get yourself up to the defense cap,which is 540.

After that, its really up to you what you get. I personally like to get avoidance most, parry and dodge being higher priority than shield block. However, in Ulduar stam is a big deal, and 30k health unbuffed is reccomended, so thats going to be my highest priority for the time being.

For Naxx 10, about 25-26k health unbuffed is a good idea, although you can get by with less, and defense capped is necessary, unless your only there to tank trash.

Ability usage:

Bosses -
I use a lot of different abilities, which some tanks prefer not to do. I spam Heroic strike when tanking a boss, unless im rage starved, and I use Revenge every time it is ready. Shield Slam is probably my highest threat ability, and I use Devastate a lot to try and get the Sword and Board proc. I use Shield Block whenever it is up on boss fights, and try to time any trinkets i have that do shield block value into it. When Shield Block is up, I try to use Shield Slam as much as I can, because that combination is a lot of threat. I use Shockwave and Concussion Blow when I notice their cooldowns are up, because they do good threat generation. Thunder Clap and Demoralizing Shout I try to keep up on the boss at all times, because thats an amazing amount of damage mitigation. I use Commanding Shout on all boss fights in raids, unless theres another warrior whose job is to use that. I use Rend every once in a while, when I feel like it, but I dont feel that its a necessary part of my rotation.

Trash -
I use Shield Block at the beginning of aoe pulls, partially to increase survivability right off the bat, and partially to increase threat through Damage Shield and Shield Slam. I use Thunder Clap whenever it is up, and Shockwave at the beginning of the pull and if its cooldown is finished before the mobs are dead. Cleave is an ability I use to use up excess rage and generate a nice bit of threat, because if theres a lot of mobs hitting you, chances are that you have plenty of rage. I use Heroic Throw to pull mobs that need to be pulled back, and Charge in when I can to generate some rage right off the bat. I usually use Battle Shout on trash mobs for the extra threat, unless i have Blessing of Might on me or another warrior has Battle Shout covered, or the mobs hit particularly hard.

I try to use Charge at the beginning of both boss fights and trash mob pulls, because it gives me rage that I can use to get quick threat, with all those insta-dpsers out there (not naming any names Very Happy )

Thats all I can think of to put up here for now, if you have any questions that I didnt answer, go ahead and post on this thread and I'll try to answer them.
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PostSubject: Re: Tanking Warrior - One Version   Wed Apr 29, 2009 2:43 am

Great post, it helped me out greatly.

P.S. I love vigilance. Very Happy
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Tanking Warrior - One Version
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